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Our Vision

 We have started our company to support farmers and to improve the natural farming and agriculture which is essential in this part of the world.

Our Goal

We AM Naturals, The goal of our company is to serve healthy food for every consumers. 

Our products include Wood pressed Coconut oil, Sesame oil & Groundnut Marachekku oil.

Chakki Masala is a devoted firm that produces hand pounded spices. Going by our name, we manufacture spices coming straight from the chakkis, ancient Indian equipments that were used to grind spices and other condiments. Chakki Masala strongly believes in keeping the real essence of spices intact and it manufactures original Indian condiments with a rich taste and quality that is very hard to find in machine made masalas.


Meet Our Team

Wade Warren


Floyd Miles


Brooklyn Simmons


Ralph Edwards


Leslie Alexander


Wade Warren